The Pros and Cons of Living in Liberty Hill, Texas

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The Pros and Cons of Living in Liberty Hill, Texas

You’re probably thinking, where is Liberty Hill? Well, it’s located off State Highway 29 which is 15 miles west of Georgetown and 33 miles northwest of Austin. Other cities nearby include Leander and Cedar Park.

Pro #1 Hill Country Living

If you’d like a little respite from the city, then Liberty Hill will be your treasure. The landscape is filled with oak trees, rolling hills, blue skies, pastures, and beautiful wildflowers. It’s life without that hustle and bustle.

Con #1 Hill country living

If you don’t like living in a small town, this may not be the city for you. The population of Liberty Hill is about 38,000, and it’s projected that it will grow to over 42,000 in the next four years. It’s growing and expanding as more people relocate to the area.

In addition, amenities are lacking. There are no grocery stores, big-box retail shops, or common eateries. You’ll have to drive to neighboring cities like Leander, Georgetown, or Cedar Park to find an HEB or Whole Foods.

Pro #2 Local Shops & Entertainment

Parker’s Corner Market is a city favorite, which has been around for over 100 years. You’ll find freshly prepared products, marinated meats, locally grown produce, fresh cookies, local wines, and beers. You can visit Thirsty Mule Winery and Vineyard as well. It’s located inside the hillside and has the only underground tasting room in Texas.

For outdoor fun, explore the Lions Foundation Park and Liberty Hill City Park. You’ll find soccer fields, baseball fields, football fields, trails, and playscapes. When it’s too hot to do anything, you can head on over to Wetzel Park with the kids to cool down in the splash pad.

There’s also a new project underway called River Ranch County Park. It’s over 1,300 acres of meadows, woodlands, hills, and escarpments. You’ll be able to camp, hike and bike. For the equestrian lovers, you’ll be able to bring your own horse. In addition, there will be 4,800 square feet of the interpretive center, where you can learn about the history of the park.

Liberty Hill residents love community celebrations, and they do this through events like Whimsy and Wonder, Liberty Hill Fair, and the Rodeo. If you want to visit a particular place, check out the Indian Mound Ranch. It was established in 1873 and has been in operation for over 100 years. The ranch hosts events like farmers’ markets and the community garage sale.

Con #2 No Fantastic Festivals or Concerts in the City

Your options for entertainment are limited due to being a small town. There are no stadiums or venues that host significant events that hold thousands of people. If you’d like to see a Broadway production or a comedy show, you’ll have to go elsewhere. Instead, you can listen to live music at Tracie’s Outlaw Saloon.

The other thing that’s a big part of entertainment in Liberty Hill is supporting the Panthers athletic program, especially your high school football team. Football is a huge part of Texas culture.

Pro #3 Cost of Living

The cost of living is 4.6% lower than Austin and 7% lower than the national average, according to

The median home price in March of 2021 was about $354,000, and the rent was roughly $985. Utility costs are lower than the national average and could run you up to $165 a month. These costs depend on how large the home is and how cool you’d like it, especially in the summer months. Food cost is about 14% lower than the national average.

Con #3 The Traffic

If you are not used to it, rush hour will drive you crazy. Commute times are much longer if you must travel to downtown Austin for work. Luckily, there are a few options for you that will help you to either be on time or preserve your sanity:

  • Using 183A, which is the toll road. You’ll be going fast until the toll runs out, and then you’ll be back in that regular traffic.
  • The accessibility to the light rail from Liberty Hill is close depending on where you live; you can get there between 12 and 20 minutes. There are expansion plans, as well. Someday, you’ll be able to get on the rail and go all the way to the airport.

Pro #4. There’s Masterplan Community Living

Liberty Hill offers many homes that sit on acres of land in the middle of the hill country. New construction, situated on an acre or more, is available as well.

If you enjoy community living, this is what Liberty Hill has to offer:

  • Clearwater Ranch is surrounded by large oak trees, creeks, and plenty of space to play.
  • Northgate, which prides itself on neighborly camaraderie that has inspired the liberty porch pavilion. A place where neighbors come together and hang out. The oak trees are also here.
  • Santa Rita Ranch is the three-time master plan community of the year. If you’re looking to be a little closer to your neighbors and have a ton of amenities around you, this community would be one to consider. It has some of the best amenities in the area; two resort-style pools, a Wellness Center, kids’ splash pad and park, ranch house amenity center, a catch and release lake, and more. To top it all off, they have a director of fun who schedules all of Santa Rita Ranches events every month.

Liberty Hill is a budding and growing city that many will continue to flock to.



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